Why we would support Economic Development Planning in Belpre?

Our Board of Directors will vote next week whether or not to co-sponsor the financing and creation of an Belpre Economic Development Plan.

The question I have been asked most regarding the proposal is, “Why does Belpre need an economic development plan to begin with?”

Simply put,  the city’s aims for plan draft and execution are similar to our overall goals for countywide economic development.

  1. Reduce the unknowns regarding utility presence in municipalities and county. 
  2. Assist city staff and council in determination of their assets/limitations and give opportunity for strategic conversations 
  3. Build asset book that allows for incorporation in regional strategy 

While there are far more elements to the plan that have been submitted, those three are the primary drivers for Port assistance in this endeavor. As we seek to serve the business needs of the county, we are dogged in our efforts to reduce unknowns about property and utility capacity, our place in the overall framework of municipal and county government development goals, and knowing each community’s place in the overall regional attraction strategy framework.

The plan we hope, will get us close to achieving these aims.

See the attached scope of work for more detail:

Belpre Economic Development Plan Proposal