More Opportunity Zone Information

I posted about this at length about 6 months ago, but recently the state has gotten more information about how to implement and monetize them. As a reminder, here is […]

New school constructs are the appetizer portion

It’s exciting to attend a ground breaking of a new school, apparently around here it is also quite rare. A conversation with a few in attendance gave rise to the […]

Census Figures Report Reaction

Census Figures Show Continued Slide in Population Today’s edition of the Times had a good article from Michael Kelly that speaks to relative decline in the region and the county […]

Gutted and Greenspaced

I am coining this term……… Let me explain what it means. We have portions of our town that need demolished greenspace needs to replace it. Consider this graphic This is […]

**Williamstown Bridge Purchase Update**

April Fools 🙂 We are not buying the Williamstown Bridge, renaming it, and charging toll to West Virginians alone. We will leave that distinction to the Memorial Bridge. But seriously, […]