More Opportunity Zone Information

I posted about this at length about 6 months ago, but recently the state has gotten more information about how to implement and monetize them. As a reminder, here is the Opportunity Zone in Washington County………………………Lots of vacant buildings around here to buy, renovate, and resell.

New school constructs are the appetizer portion

It’s exciting to attend a ground breaking of a new school, apparently around here it is also quite rare. A conversation with a few in attendance gave rise to the question, “When was the last groundbreaking for a new school construction in Washington County?” We aren’t talking renovation, or new addition on existing, but a […]

Census Figures Report Reaction

Census Figures Show Continued Slide in Population Today’s edition of the Times had a good article from Michael Kelly that speaks to relative decline in the region and the county specifically. Consider some of the data presented. Data released Thursday by the U.S. Census Bureau indicates that Washington County’s gradual population loss continued in 2018. […]

Gutted and Greenspaced

I am coining this term……… Let me explain what it means. We have portions of our town that need demolished greenspace needs to replace it. Consider this graphic This is Hickory, NC. See that train track in the bottom right? Why is this space green? Well when trains ran through that city and moved freight, […]

**Williamstown Bridge Purchase Update**

April Fools 🙂 We are not buying the Williamstown Bridge, renaming it, and charging toll to West Virginians alone. We will leave that distinction to the Memorial Bridge. But seriously, there is a quote in the article I wrote that I want to expound upon  “For years we have been told that citizens of our […]