Cost of Living

Washington County offers more than a well-balanced business environment. It’s also a safe and comfortable place to live and raise a family. Despite being less than 2 hours from both Pittsburgh and Cincinnati, Washington County maintains shorter commutes with less traffic and fewer stoplights, lower crime rates, safe and high performing schools, plus many other desirable characteristics that equal fewer distractions, more productivity, and more time to enjoy living.

The federal government reports wages at the metropolitan level. Washington County, Ohio, and Wood County, West Virginia, comprise the Parkersburg-Marietta Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA).

Parkersburg Marietta Census Report (151,164 pop.)

Sperling’s Best Places ranks Washington County’s cost of living at 13% less than the national average. Our cost of living indices are based on a US average of 100. An amount below 100 means Washington County, Ohio is cheaper than the US average. A cost of living index above 100 means Washington County is more expensive. Overall, Washington County, Ohio’s cost of living is 86.60.

Available Homes in the Mid-Ohio Valley

A competitive consumer price index makes Washington County an attractive place to invest and reside. According to Sperling’s Best Places, this area scores an 86, with 100 being the national average. That is significantly lower than most major cities in the country.

Cost of Living Washington, Ohio Washington, D.C. United States
Overall 86 156 100
Grocery 92.2 113.9 100
Health 96 101 100
Housing 63 265 100
Utilities 107 107 100
Transportation 98 108 100
Miscellaneous 98 98 100

On average the closest metropolitan area of over 1 million is 44% more expensive than the Mid-Ohio Valley.

Why? Nestled away from the breakneck pace of major metropolitan areas, southeastern Ohio is a place where people come to escape the rigors of big-city life. A movie ticket still costs less than $10, a gourmet cup of coffee will only run you about $2, an incredible dinner for two at one of the area’s finest restaurants will come in significantly under $100, hotel rooms range from $40 to $165 and a handshake from a local mayor is free.