The availability of a reliable, skilled workforce is vital for businesses planning to expand or relocate to Washington County. The Port Authority and area partners like Marietta College, Washington State Community College, and the Washington County Career Center are committed to the development of skilled workers that allow companies to fill newly created jobs, ensuring a competitive advantage in the 21st-century global marketplace.

Employment Base

Manufacturing is one of the largest employment sectors in Washington County with 4,288 employees with 800,000+ employees statewide. Over $1.8 billion dollars in commodities are being produced by 110 Washington County manufacturers. The total payroll for these firms exceeds $215 million.

Education, health care, and social assistance ranked highest in the county employing 6,200. State numbers show total employment of 1,271,170. Other top sectors include: Retail 3,034, Government 3,927 and Construction 1,780.

In the manufacturing arena, Washington County has a diverse array of technologically advanced companies including those who produce polymers for consumer products and medical equipment; manufacture advanced temperature control cabinets for laboratory, industrial, and medical use; make environmental drilling equipment; create industrial and commercial floor and wall coverings and develop critical alloys for steel and aluminum. Today’s manufacturing is a central pillar of the US economy.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau Fact Finders

As a complement to the manufacturing industry and as a source of diversity in the Parkersburg-Marietta Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) there are a significant number of white-collar careers available. The area is home to two hospitals, four colleges, the U.S. Department of the Treasury regional office, multiple insurances, finance, and real estate enterprises, a vigorous construction industry, and a strong visitor/convention bureau base that promotes tourism and recreation.

Major Washington County Employers

Washington County is home to a diverse group of employers, many homegrown entrepreneurial success stories, and others whose parent companies are large international corporations. Among the largest are the following:

Employer Product / Service Employees
Memorial Health System Health Care 3000+
Pioneer Group (OH, WV, PA) Construction / Industrial Maintenance 700+
Thermo Fisher Scientific Environmental Controls 450+
Kraton Polymers Styrenic Block Copolymers 400+
R+J Trucking Inc. Transportation 400+
People Bancorp Inc. Finance 400+
Solvay Advanced Polymers Sulfone Polymers 300+
Washington State Community College Education 200+
Eramet Marietta Ferromanganese 150+
Dean Foods Milk & Cultured Dairy 150+
Dimex Plastic Products Manufacturing 150+
Globe Metallurgical Silicon Metals and Alloys 150+
Magnum Magnetics Flexible Magnets 150+
Flexmag Industries Flexible Magnets 100+
Alliance Industries Industrial 500+

Washington County represents international businesses from France, India, Belgium, Germany, Canada, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and Australia.

Other Significant Mid-Ohio Valley Employers