Comprised of the Marietta-Parkersburg Metropolitan Statistical Area, the Mid-Ohio Valley has long been a leader in the manufacturing, financial, and medical fields. From the growth of manufacturing operations post WW2 to the rise of polymers, plastics, and resin industries in the early ’80s, the region has been home to some of the most successful fastest-growing companies in the world. Their continued presence has helped cultivate a varied and highly skilled workforce, while also emphasizing quality and competitiveness.

Today the Mid-Ohio Valley finds itself in the heart of the Shale Crescent USA, one of the world’s largest reserves of Natural Gas. As a result, the region boasts unparalleled advantages in petrochemical-related activities while also maintaining a diverse 21st-century economy that embraces opportunities for workers in all fields. For the business looking to capitalize on abundant resources and availability of financial and technological services, look no further.

If you are seeking a place to invest, expand, or build your business, our educational resources, workforce, public-private pathways, and overall business climate, make the Mid-Ohio Valley and Washington County a great destination. When combined with the availability of buildings and shovel-ready sites, robust incentives, and energy advantages, Washington County is a great place for your business to thrive.