SeOPA 2022 Annual Report


View the full report here: SeOPA 2022 Annual Report

Looking back at the metrics, it’s clear that 2022 was the most active and productive year in our 20-year history. Whether in a leadership role, as an advocate, or as an advisor, we were meaningfully engaged in more than two dozen public and private sector projects throughout the year. Our efforts were rewarded with historic investments in Washington County by JobsOhio and the Ohio Department of Development, which allowed us to achieve measurable progress across all our strategic priorities. 

Regardless of the market conditions, resource availability, or opportunities we encounter, our ability to deliver measurable results as Washington County’s lead developer, business recruiter, resource navigator, and community convener will determine the outcome of economic development efforts in Washington County for the foreseeable future. Economic development doesn’t happen in a vacuum – it’s a slow, grinding process that requires forward-thinking, proactive leadership and consistent communication across a variety of stakeholder groups. The Port is uniquely positioned to support the planning, implementation, and execution of projects throughout the county by providing technical assistance and facilitating collaboration. 

Simply put, the Port Authority plays a critical role in a complex system, and without our efforts, progress would occur much slower than it does now!