City and Port Authority Partner to Improve Housing in Marietta

The newly created Residential Revitalization Program will address a variety of housing needs in Marietta.

In an effort to combat both blight and an increasing need for housing to support economic development, the City of Marietta and the Southeastern Ohio Port Authority (SeOPA) have partnered to launch the Residential Revitalization Program. The program will prioritize the revitalization of strategic residential development opportunities throughout the city. By focusing on parcels already owned by the city, along with properties that allow for aggregation of additional acreage, the program is intended to improve and increase Marietta’s housing stock.

“The city of Marietta has adopted a step-by-step approach to establishing an organized structure for administering property maintenance and code compliance, blight remediation, and citywide revitalization.”, said Mayor Josh Schilcher. From the City’s perspective, the redevelopment program creates a systematic approach to enhancing ongoing efforts and it equips the City with the necessary tools to produce benefits for the entire community. Schilcher added that the program “will serve as a quasi-land bank to safeguard residents, eradicate blight, and repurpose properties into beneficial investments that contribute to the overall well-being of our community.”

As a port authority formed under Ohio Revised Code, SeOPA has the ability to acquire real estate for authorized purposes, including the furtherance of economic development. “In the past, we have focused our property acquisitions on commercial and industrial properties. While that remains a priority for us, we cannot overlook the extreme need for housing in our area. This program will complement our ongoing efforts to attract and retain businesses in Washington County.” said SeOPA Executive Director Jesse Roush. “We are actively recruiting developers with experience in residential construction and property management to partner with us on this program,” Roush added.

Anticipated outcomes of the program include long-term cost savings tied to a decrease in the public services required to mitigate blight, improved safety and quality of life for residents, and the ability to address known or unknown environmental conditions. The program will focus on redeveloping properties in a manner consistent with current zoning and code requirements. End uses may also include recreational opportunities and green spaces.

About Marietta

Marietta, founded in 1788, is the first permanent US settlement in the Northwest Territory. It is located at the confluence of the Muskingum and Ohio Rivers and is the county seat of Washington County, Ohio. The city has a population of 13,385 people and is known for its historical sites. It is also home to Marietta College and was a station on the Underground Railroad. Marietta features picturesque streets and well-preserved historical buildings.

Contact Information: Josh Schlicher, Mayor – – O: 740.373.1387


About the Southeastern Ohio Port Authority (SeOPA)

The Southeastern Ohio Port Authority is the lead economic development agency in Washington County, Ohio. SeOPA works closely with local, state, and federal partners to support site and infrastructure development, business growth and attraction, and community development. Since its creation in 2002, SeOPA has assisted with the creation and retention of 1,500+ jobs, secured $17+ million in grants, and provided mission-critical support for more than $285 million in public and private sector investment.

Contact Information:

Jesse C. Roush, Executive Director – – O: 740.760.0158