Development Proposal for City of Marietta


Since our inception, SeOPA has provided ad hoc and pro bono technical assistance to the City because we recognize that a growing and vibrant Marietta is good for Washington County and all of SE Ohio. With respect to current-day conditions, we recognize an opportunity to augment and enhance the City’s economic development efforts, hence this proposal. We are excited about the opportunity to formalize our partnership with the City and we look forward to supporting Marietta’s economic aspirations.



SeOPA will serve as the single point of entry for agreed-upon new development and redevelopment activities within the jurisdiction of the City of Marietta. The intent of this arrangement is for SeOPA to serve as a Resource Navigator for private-sector clients of the City. SeOPA will function as an interface between private-sector needs and public-sector processes to ensure those choosing to invest in Marietta receive a positive, curated experience that enhances the local economy. 

Likely activities include:

  • Identification and pursuit of development incentives, resources, and opportunities
  • Coordination of required development touchpoints to ensure efficiency and effectiveness
  • Facilitated meetings with stakeholders in preparation for, or in response to planning and zoning

Deliverables to include:

  • Documented client feedback of SeOPA and the City
  • Metrics tracking, e.g., # of Projects, # of Jobs, Capital Investment, Expected Tax Revenues, etc.


SeOPA will work with local, regional, and state partners to ensure Marietta’s economic development activities and aspirations are included in – and aligned with – all applicable plans and initiatives. This would include direct assistance to City staff when implementing strategic initiatives identified in the Enrich Marietta plan, the County’s new strategic plan, and the City’s new comprehensive plan. In the absence of City officials, SeOPA could represent the priorities of the City in meetings with Buckeye Hills Regional Council, OhioSE, JobsOhio, and numerous other resource-allocating entities. 

Likely activities include:

  • Participation in key stakeholder meetings where representation equates to inclusion
  • Consistent communication with Community Development, Engineering, and Utilities
  • Routine review of applicable plans to assist with priority setting and long-term planning efforts

Deliverables to include:

  • Inclusion of, and alignment with City priorities in new plans and funding opportunities 
  • Documented communications and outcomes of stakeholder engagements
  • Regular progress reports to Administration and Council regarding plan-specific initiatives 


SeOPA will form and convene (quarterly) two new stakeholder groups on behalf of the City. The first would be a Leadership Council comprised of the leaders of prominent organizations in Marietta whose missions and objectives benefit the City’s economy and quality of life. These organizations include Building Bridges to Careers, the Chamber of Commerce, Marietta Main Street, the West Side Community Group, the Marietta Community Foundation, the Convention and Visitors Bureau, the Campus Martius and Ohio River Museums, and more. The second group would be a Business Advisory Council comprised of prominent business leaders and property owners in Marietta. 

 Likely activities include:

  • Educating stakeholders about City plans and initiatives
  • Facilitated engagements with key stakeholder groups to align priorities and find opportunities

Deliverables to include:

  • Documented communications and outcomes of stakeholder engagements
  • Regular progress reports to Administration and Council regarding needs and opportunities
  • Measurable results in response to documented needs and opportunities 


An outcome of success in the other focus areas will be well-documented processes, which in turn will highlight opportunities for improvement within City development processes. As issues are identified, a root-cause analysis can be undertaken with the objective of adjusting the process to ensure efficiency and effectiveness for all parties involved. Ideally, no one-off solutions will be implemented; rather all outcomes will lead to better documentation and improvement of Marietta’s development processes. 

 Likely Activities Include:

  • Process mapping and identification of primary constraints within development processes 

Deliverables to include:

  • Process improvement recommendations
  • Measurable process improvement outcomes



SeOPA is capable of beginning work immediately upon approval of this proposal. SeOPA proposes a one-year term as a pilot. During the term of the agreement, SeOPA staff will dedicate no less than 500 working hours to the above-described activities and outcomes. 


A flat fee of $30,000.00, payable in 4 quarterly installments.