Learning from Belmont County in the PTT/Daelim effort

Belmont County pledges $60.5 million to water and sewer infrastructure ST. CLAIRSVILLE — The federal government announced Friday a $60.5 million investment to modernize and improve Belmont County’s water system. […]

Economic Development: The Infinite Game

On Friday I had the pleasure of attending the Global Leadership Summit in Parkersburg. GLS brings a multitude of leadership gurus, communicators, and business leaders into communities via webcast, and […]

What are Land Banks and why do we care?

Land banks are governmental entities or nonprofit corporations that are focused on the conversion of vacant, abandoned, and tax delinquent properties into productive use. Vacant, abandoned, and tax-delinquent properties are […]

Opting Out to Fail

When I worked for Wake County, one of my duties was to staff, notate, and organize County Commissioner Sub-Committee meetings. One of the more active committees was one we called […]