Gutted and Greenspaced

I am coining this term………

Let me explain what it means.

We have portions of our town that need demolished greenspace needs to replace it.

Consider this graphic

This is Hickory, NC. See that train track in the bottom right? Why is this space green? Well when trains ran through that city and moved freight, the space was used for bulk materials on loading and off loading. As commerce moved outside the city center the space opened up for new development. Over time Hickory utilized the space for a public greenspace. What surrounds it are the shops, restaurants, and entertainment centers that city dwellers crave.

Examine this map of our downtown.

Looking at this map, where do you think the bulk storage of our rail products existed. (Notice the original rail line that ran through Butler Street onto the current Parking Partners Lot)

In case you can’t tell, look at that large separated section of land that is largely parking lots, CVS, and some small businesses.

Some have asked where our community looks to for vision. Here is a vision for how to improve the living experience in downtown Marietta. Return the original storage tracts to greenspace and build lifestyle amenities into the areas surrounding.