As if on queue, we have a speculative utility case on our hands

Letter to Marietta City Council Re 7N Prjt 8-7-19

A project that was theorized back in 2015 or 16, went dormant, and suddenly became the recipient of a significant grant from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. A 1.3 million dollar sewer line install miraculously got $975K in grant funding.

Awesome right.

Well, kind of. If you are reading this you likely know enough about our community to know we don’t manage sewer well………at all.

Now, when the project scope that was originally brought forth is far from being rekindled, funds have been allocated, the Marietta City Council is faced with the decision of whether to finance preliminary engineering for a project that may or may not get constructed, or forego the grant all together all but ensuring it will never be constructed?

The Port board of directors recognize the great opportunity we have here and have agreed to co-finance this project with the city of Marietta because we want to see the sewer line built in order to open up a large acreage portion for new much needed development.

This will set up a series of community conversations about what is in the best interest of citizens who may live near the proposed line, our economic development potential, and how we are viewed by major grant stream disbursers.

Stay tuned