Industry Sector Partnership Dollars Ready for those who collaborate

There’s more grant and loan dollars floating around for workforce assistance than at any time in the history of our state. Many of these programs struggle to deploy those dollars because so few come to the table. One of those programs that goes wanting is one that requires something we should be able to do […]

Ohio Maritime Assistance Program Provides Unique Opportunity for River Terminals/Ports

The Ohio Department of Transportation recently announced finalization of the $23 million dollar grant program for eligible Port Authorities (see below) The port authority owns an active marine cargo terminal located on the shore of Lake Erie or the Ohio river or on a Lake Erie tributary. The port authority is located in a federally […]

Business Retention and Expansion Visits for 2020

Business Retention & Expansion Meeting (BRE) Purpose and Agenda 2020 Last year we conducted 20+ in-person Business visits. These visits are what ultimately informs most of our data about local economic performance, high performing businesses, areas of potential growth, and market trends. Business Retention and Expansion visits are the lifeblood of economic development organizations and […]

Port Authority Announces New Board Member, Officers Slate for 2020

For Immediate Release: MARIETTA, OH- The Southeastern Ohio Port Authority announces the appointment of Dr. Anthony Huffman to its Board of Directors, as well as approval of its slate of officers for 2020. Joining the Board of Directors is Dr. Anthony Huffman, Director of Adult Technical Training at the Washington County Career Center. Dr. Huffman […]

The Next Step

Many of you now know something needs to be done, but what? If we are genuine in pursuit of business expansion we must begin planning and construction of a large scale industrial park.  Here is how I suggest we do that. Option 1: Private sector delivers the product. We give full opportunity to the private […]

What’s the problem, whose responsibility, Can they address it?

I ask this because as a project manager of sorts I spend a bulk of my day addressing problems, both ones I inherited and some I created. We are patterned to seek the negative as a defense mechanism, we want to keep the bad away from us………so of course we see the bad most easily. […]

So the MCS levy failed, now what?

Voters have spoken, albeit a few of them….42% participation in qualifying precincts, not bad. Not awesome.Presidential elections get 60 to 68% participation rate on average. So what is plan B? Can the community agree the schools are aged and many are in need of significant repair? Can we also resign ourselves to the reality that […]

Rural Industrial Park Loan? The last for a long time?

I testified a few months back on behalf of our county seeking continued funding of the Rural Industrial Park Loan Program. It was the mechanism for our construction of the Ingenuity Center, and combined with the Rural Industrial Park Grant Program (which wasn’t renewed sadly) eased in development of the 7 North Commerce Park where […]

Asset lists and Use of Life

Seemingly every conversation I encounter anymore surrounds the high cost of maintenance of something or high cost of replacement of another. We are stuck in what feels like an endless repair and replace schedule that has hijacked our aspirations, mandating we focus on preservation. The last few weeks have been especially hard for the future […]