We don’t do spec in Washington County. So now what?

Lately i’ve been grappling with the realities of the environment in which I live and work. For the last two years I’ve tried to lead and push our community in the direction I have seen other communities move, and find success. Admittedly, I have not spent much time in struggling/economically stagnant communities, but I ventured […]

BB2C and Buckeye Hills Regional Council Love Start-ups

  They love them so much they are offering financial support for spots in the Makerspace. Buckeye Hills Regional Council awarded Building Bridges to Careers (BB2C) funding to support 10 individuals and 5 small manufacturing or start-up businesses. Individual and business scholarship recipients would participate in a full year of Epicenter programs with a rolling […]

Using JEDD’s to build new Industrial Sites for Development

Montrose Group does a great job of showcasing what communities in the state are doing in regarding to successful economic development. For those aspiring to move our community to point where we compete, their playbook notes are subtle reminders of what we need to do and have failed to do…….. Consider the following portion from […]

Revisiting the 2004 Washington County Comprehensive Plan

When I moved back to the area and started asking what kind of plans we had going, I received quite a bit of push back from those who had planning fatigue. “We paid consultants, what a waste.” “Plans are useless, we have tons of the shelf that didn’t yield anything.” These are two statements that […]

APEG API Annual Meeting Tuesday June 25th-Reserve your tickets now

On behalf of Appalachian Partnership for Economic Growth (APEG) and our partner organization, Appalachian Partnership Inc. (API), I’d like to personally invite you to our first-ever ANNUAL MEETING next month. We’ll reflect, celebrate successes, recognize partners and present the final Regional Economic Development Prosperity Plan that’s in the final stages of development. Because the region is so vast, two meetings are scheduled–one in the north […]

Strawberry Fields……What was expected vs. What we got

When you don’t take yourself seriously, why should anyone else? Some outside groups know we lack the apparatuses to enforce our own standards and in knowing this, they can get away with what Strawberry Fields is getting away with. It’s a familiar story in these parts of the country. A developer claims to be constructing […]

Development Potential Hindered by Sewer Fears

There’s no simple way to put it other than to just say it, the City of Marietta and surrounding community’s ability to help existing companies expand and to attract new business is extremely limited. Through a combination of difficult topography, floodplain issues, and general lack in infrastructure, my job as the economic development director for […]

So the number of Renters goes up as local populations drop……….so what?

Marietta Renters increase, as population drops “The trend is subject to many interpretations.” I desperately want our community to wrestle with these interpretations. There are some good and some very very bad interpretations to be made. A dialogue should be had on this issue, and yet I don’t know that there is will to do […]

More Opportunity Zone Information

I posted about this at length about 6 months ago, but recently the state has gotten more information about how to implement and monetize them. As a reminder, here is the Opportunity Zone in Washington County………………………Lots of vacant buildings around here to buy, renovate, and resell.