Budget Season=Transparency Time

We at the port are a quasi-governmental agency. We are funded via direct contributions from interested parties in the community and via a contribution from the Board of County Commissioners. This set up is not unlike what is in existence in most of the U.S. Economic development agencies have a variety of funding streams, most […]

Why scaling up the City of Marietta and Parkersburg is so important

Last week CityLab ran an article titled, The Comeback of the Mid-Sized American City It was a great analysis of how the three major cities in the U.S. are shedding citizens at an alarming rate and cities that are mid-size (100,000 to 250,000) were netting those migrants. The article also spoke to the “Rise of […]

Port Authority Embracing Changing Times, Moves back Downtown

For the past 3 months, the Southeastern Ohio Port Authority has lived and breathed change for the better. Last month we rolled out a new and improved website, one with a community focused property showcase page and site selection tool, better calendar and social media ties, refreshed photography, and information for startup, expanding, and relocating […]

What do we mean when we say “Quality of Life Markers”?

We talk quite a bit about trying to improve the quality of life for citizens in our community. Just as the term “economic development” elicits a myriad of opinions and theories, the term “quality of life” is equally distributed. For the sake of discussion, I wanted to give readers an idea of what the Port […]

Questions I hear repeatedly…….Why don’t we have a Target or a Trader Joe’s?

In case you ever asked yourself that same question, I am going to help you understand why we don’t have a Target or Whole Foods Presence in our region…….Yet. Companies are looking to make money, they know their clientele, and they know what metrics to look for when building new locations. Recently I came across […]

Out of Region Commuters………………what does that even mean?

Do you know someone who lives the the MOV yet commutes over an hour a day to work? I do. Those that I know work predominately in the oil and gas sector and often drive to Pittsburgh, Zanesville, Cleveland to do so. A recent study by APEG JobsOhio illustrated that in our county roughly 9-14% […]

One week of new site, lots of changes……………

We have had a tremendous response to our new website roll out. Our slow roll out over the last two weeks has allowed us to see the organic reach of our new website. We haven’t done much in terms of promotion yet and still the results are encouraging. Some statistics of note: Our average time […]

Welcome Dr. Ruud to the Port Authority Board of Directors

We are excited to announce that Dr. William N. Ruud the President of Marietta College was officially appointed to the board of directors of the Port Authority. Dr. Ruud brings a wealth of experience serving on administrative boards as well as an extensive business acumen. As the Port seeks to define a future where it […]

Learning from Belmont County in the PTT/Daelim effort

Belmont County pledges $60.5 million to water and sewer infrastructure ST. CLAIRSVILLE — The federal government announced Friday a $60.5 million investment to modernize and improve Belmont County’s water system. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the investment represents the single-largest monetary obligation in Ohio Rural Development History. County, state and federal officials made […]

Economic Development: The Infinite Game

On Friday I had the pleasure of attending the Global Leadership Summit in Parkersburg. GLS brings a multitude of leadership gurus, communicators, and business leaders into communities via webcast, and empowers them to make their organizations better. Among the many lectures I heard the presentation by Simon Sinek was one that was especially helpful. Sinek […]