One week of new site, lots of changes……………

We have had a tremendous response to our new website roll out. Our slow roll out over the last two weeks has allowed us to see the organic reach of our new website. We haven’t done much in terms of promotion yet and still the results are encouraging.

Some statistics of note:

  • Our average time on the website is 2 min 37 seconds……..that’s an eternity in the web-based world
  • We have had over 1500 page views, at an average of three pages per visit
  • Our bounce rate (aka the person who accidentally shows up on the site and immediately leaves) has dropped 18% (getting under 70% is the key!)
  • The site selector page has been a hit, 50% of visitors who engage our site for more than a minute enter the site selector and spend quite a bit of time there.
  • Property displays are driving engagement. Most of the visits to our site are ones who are looking for industrial or commercial properties. This verifies what we always knew. Sites drive the traffic.
  • There have been quite a few hits on our partners page. I wasn’t sure if this was something that would be viewed much, but its exceeded my expectations. Our community apparently likes to see who is giving to the Port Authority and who the drivers of our effort are. If you aren’t on this list you need to be.

It has been a great couple weeks and we are eager to get our property showcase updated with even more local options. Serving our community is the goal, and after just a couple weeks I feel our website changes are doing what we intended.