Port Authority Embracing Changing Times, Moves back Downtown

For the past 3 months, the Southeastern Ohio Port Authority has lived and breathed change for the better.

Last month we rolled out a new and improved website, one with a community focused property showcase page and site selection tool, better calendar and social media ties, refreshed photography, and information for startup, expanding, and relocating businesses. When staff began to consider making the change, the prospect seemed daunting, but we quickly found that it was worth the extra effort.

This month we also initiated the President of Marietta College to our board of directors. One of the most recognizable positions in our community has long had little voice in operations that greatly affect their organization, and coincidentally,  it’s been rare that the college President was open and welcoming of discussion about issues that may affect the city at large. Building this bridge between agencies and educational institutions was one that our board felt was critical to promoting community collaboration.

Finally, last week our Board finalized a move into the co-working space at 204 Front Street (Ketter Block Building) in Marietta. The prospect of having multiple area organizations all focused on community improvement and empowerment under the same roof, working collaboratively, and reducing operational lag was one that our board felt it couldn’t pass up.

I have heard it said that we are a community that struggles to manage change.

The actions I just described are not ones of a group who is change averse. On the contrary, the recent moves by our guiding board are proof that we have capable forward-thinking, results minded, and selfless leaders in our midst whose sole focus is the improvement of our county.

As we seek to build greater relationships with our community partners working in downtown Marietta, we aim to assist the City, Marietta Main Street, Marietta Chamber, and others in achieving their mission through utilization of Port Authority powers granted by the Ohio Revised Code, and the hard work of our dedicated staff.

The Southeastern Ohio Port Authority is a vehicle for assistance to the vision that is articulated by our cities and county. We recognize that great projects require many hands all serving a specified role and executing with efficiency. It is our hope that as we move into a new arena with greater accessibility we can be of greater assist to our citizens and area partners.

We hope you will stop by and see how we can assist your business and we want all of our community partners to know, our door is always open…….literally its a co-working space.