Interested in taking some of your industry experience to Africa to assist developing nations?

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The Appalachian Regional Commission is sponsoring a trade mission to South Africa early next year, and they need businesses like yours to help them achieve their mission. The goal of the program is to assist developing nations and entrepreneurs in developing the necessary skills to grow their operations and give first hand business experience to rising business types.

The trip runs from Feb 18 to March 1, and the cost of the trade mission is subsidized with the exception of travel and accommodations, but their are a host of available grant through the Ohio Development Services Agency to offset.

The following business sectors of greatest need in the mission:

  • Air Conditioning and Atmosphere
  • Blasting Technologies
  • Chemicals
  • Communications
  • Conveyor Technology
  • Exploration and Drilling
  • Excavation Machinery
  • IT and Management Systems
  • Processing Technology and Machinery
  • Samples Analysis
  • Security
  • Seismic Measurement
  • Vehicle and Asset Management for mining sites
  • Water / Soil Remediation

If you are interested, the organizer will be in Ohio on Monday, November 26th to meet with potential participant companies.  If you are available to meet with Mr. Zurba, ODSA representatives would be happy to organize.

Call or email the Port Authority for more detail.