The Port Authority is funded through private donations from area businesses, industry, and individuals (roughly $75,000 annually) and by an annual appropriation from the County Commission ($140,000.00 for 2022).  Our partners are critical to the future development of our County.  Please visit our Partners Page to view a list of our supporters.

Contributions can be made through the Marietta Community Foundation or directly to the Port Authority as tax-deductible gifts, annually, quarterly or monthly.  To support our mission, you can send donations to @SeOPA84 or on PayPal.

Our mission is to bring in new investment, create new jobs, retain and expand existing businesses so folks can maintain a good quality of life for their families now and for future generations.

Shovel-ready sites (sites with all utilities) are key to bringing in new business; therefore, we are focused on the upgrade and expansion of the County’s basic infrastructure (i.e. water, sewer, gas, electric, and fiber).  Land is at a premium locally, so for those of you who want to invest for the long term, you can gift acreage for future development or allocate seed funds to finance a new project.

We thank you for your consideration and appreciate your support.

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