The chicken or the egg?

If you think economic growth is only derived from flat spots out of the floodplain with all utilities, you’re wrong. Well, not entirely wrong. Just partly wrong.  Economic development in the current era is much more than real estate and infrastructure. It’s now arguably as much about quality of life – and place – as […]

What does the Port Authority even do?

If I only had a dollar for every time I heard that in my first few months on the job, I’d probably have my third Jeremiah’s Big R of the week… All jokes aside, it’s an honest question. One that’s hard to answer, especially in an organization with a breadth of capabilities from a statutory […]

Satisfying the WIIFM Principle

Before we get into the actual substance of this month’s post – if you were kind enough to read last month’s blog – “Thank You!” And if not, there’s no time like the present to read my initial post as Director; one intended to establish early expectations for how the Southeastern Ohio Port Authority will […]

So you are gonna be an economic developer?

To make a play on the title of Andy’s final blog post as Executive Director, this is a question I’ve asked myself several times over the last month; my first on the job. With the COVID-19 crisis gaining momentum during the hiring process, I undoubtedly picked a historical time to change lanes with my career […]

Industry Sector Partnership Dollars Ready for those who collaborate

There’s more grant and loan dollars floating around for workforce assistance than at any time in the history of our state. Many of these programs struggle to deploy those dollars because so few come to the table. One of those programs that goes wanting is one that requires something we should be able to do […]

Ohio Maritime Assistance Program Provides Unique Opportunity for River Terminals/Ports

The Ohio Department of Transportation recently announced finalization of the $23 million dollar grant program for eligible Port Authorities (see below) The port authority owns an active marine cargo terminal located on the shore of Lake Erie or the Ohio river or on a Lake Erie tributary. The port authority is located in a federally […]

Business Retention and Expansion Visits for 2020

Business Retention & Expansion Meeting (BRE) Purpose and Agenda 2020 Last year we conducted 20+ in-person Business visits. These visits are what ultimately informs most of our data about local economic performance, high performing businesses, areas of potential growth, and market trends. Business Retention and Expansion visits are the lifeblood of economic development organizations and […]

Port Authority Announces New Board Member, Officers Slate for 2020

For Immediate Release: MARIETTA, OH- The Southeastern Ohio Port Authority announces the appointment of Dr. Anthony Huffman to its Board of Directors, as well as approval of its slate of officers for 2020. Joining the Board of Directors is Dr. Anthony Huffman, Director of Adult Technical Training at the Washington County Career Center. Dr. Huffman […]

The Next Step

Many of you now know something needs to be done, but what? If we are genuine in pursuit of business expansion we must begin planning and construction of a large scale industrial park.  Here is how I suggest we do that. Option 1: Private sector delivers the product. We give full opportunity to the private […]